LED Wireless Uplighting

We offer the very latest technology in wireless computer-controlled battery powered uplighters. These can instantly change the look of the room at a touch of a button enabling synchronized colour fades, static washes and chases.


The wireless LED lights not only have the standard red, green and blue colours but also have natural white, amber and ultra violet meaning the colour mixing options are almost endless. Having the natural white means we are able to make pastel shades so the units can be programmed to match your colour scheme or corporate company colours.


The other main advantage is how quickly these lights can be installed. As they are self-powering they do not need to placed by power sockets. The end result is a beautifully washed venue with no cables so a very neat, tidy, quick and professional installation.


Our LED uplighting system is available as part of a disco package or standalone lighting hire. The lights can be operated remotely either by computer, iPhone or iPad.

email enquiries@dizzyfeet.co.uk 
office 01453 753366

Email enquiries@dizzyfeet.co.uk 

Office 01453 753366